How To Download Aptoide Apk For Android

Download Aptoide For Android

For those that don’t know, Download Aptoide For Android is a massive supply of programs on the marketplace. It gives tens of thousands of programs which other program markets don’t have. It’s a really secure and a trusted source exactly like play shop is, but using much more programs that also at no cost. Aptoide includes programs that iTunes or perform shop may not have. iTunes includes a restricted number of programs the users may get compared to Aptoide iOS that has a massive stem to provide.

All the software that you find in this is completely free of any virus or malware. It is simple to download the shop and get countless newest programs in your doorsteps. The download method is practically like other programs. Without many conflicts, you may download the apk variant from the browser.

How to Download Aptoide Apk for Android:

Although Android users prefer using the Google play store, there are many who still want to experience a better version of an app store. And that is what aptoide Apk provides. In the play store you will have to sign in your details and only then would you get access to it. However, in the case of aptoide, it would be much easier to gain access and also to use it.


  • To get started with the download procedure, you need a good internet connection.
  • While using Android, you cannot straightaway download an unknown file from the browser. You need to set permissions from your settings menu to allow files in your phone from outside source.
  • Then visit the official website of the Aptoide app and look for a link that would download the apk After that, click on the download button to install. The installation might take a few minutes. Wait for it to finish.
  • Once downloaded, make a free account on aptoide to get started. You can now download any app you want without paying any price.

How to Download Aptoide IOS:

IOS is a damn good operating system and is a favorite of many.

On the other hand, the features supplied by it are limited to some extent. The operating system has a lot of drawbacks because of limits the company has put for safety purposes. There are a variety of apps available inside but as mentioned earlier, the count is constrained. Within this scenario, rather than staying disappointed you can install aptoide IOS on your device and enjoy the benefits of having an endless number of programs at your fingertips.

To begin with, the aptoide app was created just for Android users so IOS users might have to go for some other source to get the app on their device. Below mentioned are some methods you can use to perform the same.

  • To make preferred changes on your IOS telephone, you will have to jailbreak the device. But prior to jailbreaking, keep in mind that the process might even harm your cell phone.
  • As soon as you’re done with it, download Cydia on your mobile phone.
  • For people who do not know, Cydia is a portable app that manages package and programs. The program enables IOS users to search for and download applications packages on IOS devices.
  • After done, Cydia will support you with the rest of the setup.
  • Some folks might even go for an android emulator for example bluestacks which are quite popular.

Why is Aptoide a Better Alternative Than Play Store?

Download Aptoide For Android

  • Since both the stores provide the same function; play store and aptoide Apk are always compared on the basis of how many applications are available and which is more user-friendly. Though Google app store is effective when it comes to storing apps and a greater stalk, the aptoide store is faster and the number of applications is way more as compared to play store.
  • The product became a big hit as soon as it was launched. The store is now a cut-to-cut competitor to the play store. It is user-friendly and easy to use. The store is free from any loop-holes and the interface is free from any complex technicalities. Moreover, it can be easily downloaded for IOS, Android, and PCs.

Aptoide Apk Download For Android – Latest Version 2018


Features of Aptoide APK

Aptoide Apk is the best available app from where you can download all Android app for free. Some best features of this app are

  • Get paid apps for free ( or you have to use third party apps like freedom app)
  • Best User interface and simple to use
  • The app is safe to use on any platform without any malware or viruses
  • It supports multiple languages. People across the world can use as it supports more than 17 languages.
  • You can create your own play store by uploading apps 
  • This app will give more exposure to developers than Google Play store
  • This is the biggest and first independent marketplace from which you can get more than 300,000 apps for free
  • This is a free app to download
  • It allows telecommunication companies, OEM developers, and others to distribute their Android apps through its store.

These are some advantages you will get by using this app. 

App name Aptoide APK
Latest Version
App size 19.23 MB
Last updated May 2017
User rating 4.5 stars

Download & Install Aptoide APK for Android?

Aptoide Apk on Android
Aptoide Apk on Android

If you are looking for the best alternative for Google Play store Aptoide is a good choice. it will help you to get more apps for free when compared to the play store. Don’t worry about your device security while using this app. The app is completely free and safe to use also. You can download any app you want on your Android device from Aptoide. The download procedure is very simple. I am going to explain those steps below.

  1. Download the Aptoide.APK file from the link above.
  2. As this app is not available from your play store you need to make a small change in your device settings and enable download from an unknown source
  3. Go to Settings> security>unknown source. Tap on it to enable 
  4. Open the app and tap on install button
  5. It will take some time to complete the installation
  6. Now you can log in to this app by creating an account and download any apps you want from it.

Easy, right?


Although the app stores available in the market are plenty but very few are safe and easy to use. Aptoide Apk is one such app store which can be easily installed and use and requires no money from you. Download the app to experience it yourself.