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n the internet era where mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives be it travel, food, banking, education namely everything. Download Aptoide Apk You name it and an app is available for the service in no time. Aptoide is a marketplace for mobile applications running on Android devices launched in 2009.

Download Aptoide Apk

The Concept Behind Aptoide

Aptoide is motivated by an APT or Advanced Package instrument that’s a free program user interface which manages the setup and removal of applications. The title Aptoide is derived from APT and android.

Why Aptoide

To start with, it’s freely available on the internet and users can manage their own shop and comes with an open accessibility. The protocol relies on XML that is Extensible Market Language that is a language that has codes to get a structure that could be understood by people in addition to the machine. Everyone can create, print and manage their particular app shop. It’s over 200 million users with more than 6 billion downloads. Several variations are available that are compatible with Smartphones and tablet computers, Aptoide TV for clever TVs and STBs and Aptoide VR and Aptoide children that are specially developed for kids. It runs three measure malware detection procedures on the recently additional apps so any app with this kind of a threat is eliminated until it reaches the consumer. If we could use the below link to immediately download the Aptoide apk, additionally find out here download and setup manual.

Alternative to the App Stores

  • Aptoide is highly secure as it has been written in the JAVA platform.
  • Absolutely free apps even the premium ones.
  • It is flexible enough to allow the users to revert back to the previous versions of the app.
  • Provides automatic update.
  • It has no region restriction.
  • A feature of Trusted Stamps which implies that a particular app is trusted.

Download aptoide for PC

Aptoide client lets you search, navigate and install applications in the Android mobile phone. [14]

To put in Aptoide, the consumer needs to recover the APK (installable file) in the official website. The setup isn’t accessible through Google Play Store because of 4.5 Non-compete clause of Google Play Developer Distribution Deal. [15] This is precisely the exact same clause which blocks the Amazon Appstore application from being accessible through Google Play. Installing Aptoide needs users to permit the setup from”Unknown sources” from Android settings. [16]

Following the setup of Aptoide, the consumer may add shops (repositories). Aside from the default (Apps), others are offered from various shops. When a shop is inserted with all the URL of this shop, Aptoide retrieves the listing of these applications and also stores it locally. The consumer can then navigate from the applications or hunt from the web for some other shops.

Download Aptoide Apk

History of Aptoide

Back in June 2011, Aptoide Uploader premiered as a”sister” application from precisely the exact same development team. Aptoide Uploader is an Android app which enables users to upload into an existing Aptoide store. [17]

Aptoide Uploader employs the accessible Aptoide Webservices[18] to upload the application. The submitted APK file is stored in the consumer’s shop where they could handle.

For the consumer that wants to back their apps to a personal shop, it’s a good idea to utilize Aptoide Apps Backup that retains a listing of those apps which are supported up. Each of the applications in shops is handled utilizing a back office at the Aptoide website.

Aptoide Apps Backup utilizes the services to upload the APK file into the shop. To understand exactly what applications are already backed up, Aptoide Apps Backup utilizes the info.xml XML file available from the shop.

Aptoide began as a proposition of Paulo Trezentos in the 2009 Caixa Mágica Summer Camp. [4] The proposition was approved and became what now is Aptoide. This first phase of development was afterward developed in the reach of SAPO Summer bits.

The thought behind Aptoide came from various sources. On the flip side, the study in Linux installers in Mancoosi European Project,[6] Paulo Trezentos Ph.D. job and Portugal Telecom A5 telephone, endeavor where the group engaged.

Download Aptoide Apk

At the end of 2010, it had been launched from the Bazaar Android website. Bazaar Android supplied the chance for the users to produce their own shop. Back in August 2012, Aptoide and Bazaar Android manufacturers were united to permit improved communication.

Aptoide for ios

In November 2011, Aptoide was integrated [8] at Europe.

In 2013, Aptoide acquired a total of 750.000 euros in seed financing in Portugal Ventures.

In 2015, the firm secured a Series A funding round of 3,7 million euros (4 million bucks ), headed by German venture capital company with co-investment from Gobi Partners (China) and Golden Gate Ventures (Singapore). The investment has enabled Aptoide to cultivate its group, now having over 60 workers.

In 2014, Aptoide registered a European Union Antitrust complaint against Google, claiming that Google creates barriers for users to set up third-party app shops, links essential providers with Google Play (consequently obstructing, again, these third-party app shops ), also blocks access to Aptoide sites in its own Chrome browser.

In May 2015, Aptoide declared it would begin its operations in Asia[11] by launching an office in Singapore.

In 2017, Aptoide declared it might be working together with AppCoin and finally”enter the electronic money business with the apparently named AppCoins. Launched in conjunction with this 2017 Internet Summit edition, the 18 million First Coin Offering (ICO) enables users to utilize AppCoins to cover each other or to get in-app purchases, including match updates.” [12]Appcoin’s 200 million users will be incentivized to participate with advertisements to bring in currency.

Download Aptoide Apk

Aptoide is another market for mobile applications that run on the Android functioning platform. [1] In Aptoide, unlike the default option Google Play Store, there isn’t a special and centralized store; rather, every user manages their particular shop.

There are lots of variations of this Aptoide app: Aptoide for tablets and smartphones, Aptoide TV– a version for clever TVs and STBs, Aptoide VR and Aptoide Children — designed children’s devices.

The Android application used to get the shops is the available source,[two ] and there are numerous forks like F-Droid.

The idea is motivated by the APT packing supervisor, which may work with numerous sources (repositories). After the user needs a bundle, they may use the customer to seek out sources in which the application is saved.

The Aptoide platform is offered in over 40 languages, having attained over 200 million users in 2017 and 6 billion gathered downloads. At the respective shops, it’s likely to find more than 800,000 mobile apps.

In 2017, Aptoide went via an ICO to encourage the progression of this AppCoins open source protocol, which can be blockchain-based.

Here’s How
Featuring all the wonderful apps for Android and iOS apparatus, you would not have a fantastic reason to use your PC to play games, accessibility Instagram upload or upload photographs into your social networking accounts.
However, what if you may use the very same apps on your Windows PC?
This can provide you the immense liberty to change from your mobile device for your personal computer without missing out in your favorite apps and applications.

Aptoide is an instrument and app shop which will provide you with access to all of the apps you need at no cost, even if they’re typically paid apps.
And today it’s available for Windows computer setup.

Why is Aptoide distinct?
It’s an alternative market for cellular applications but does not have a distinctive and centralized store very similar to this Google Play Store. What happens is that every user manages their particular shop.

It is possible to navigate any Android app which you would like to download for your PC. Access them in your PC if you are using it and use the very same apps from your mobile device.
Install apps from the App shop without needing a Google account.


Aptoide is one of the biggest Android marketplaces after Google play store in the world. In the past 4 years, it has gained a lot of popularity in the Android market. Now it is available in almost 17 languages and that is a huge step towards gaining a huge amount of users. Actually it an Android app store where you get thousands of apps that too for free.

Download Aptoide Apk

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The biggest disadvantage of using Google play store is that most of the apps are not free in Google. So, to overcome this situation you can use Aptoide app store because all the apps are available for free in Aptoide.


Aptoide app is not available on your Google play store so you have to download the APK version of this app from your browser. This is a third party app that’s the way Google does not allow these apps on its own play store. But Aptoide is totally safe you can check more information about this app on their official website. Android platform is one of the free to use platform for the developers. So, the developers of Aptoide also took advantage of this thing and launched their own app store which turned out to be the biggest hit for them. Through Aptoide you can download all the apps for free that too in low size. So, this will also save your lot of internet.


Download Aptoide Apk

So, following are some steps to download the Aptoide on your smartphone:


  •    →   So, first of all, you have to go to your settings and from there you have to allow the external applications to be installed on your device because as I have mentioned earlier Google doesn’t allow external apps on your devices.
  •    →   Next move to your web browser and type Aptoide download then click on the very first link in Google and from there start the downloading process.
  •    →   After downloading go to your downloading section area and click on Aptoide apk file, the installation process will be started.

Download Aptoide Apk

So, guys, this is how you can download and install Aptoide apk file on your device. This is almost similar to the installation process of other apps. You can download thousands of apps for free. You can also use the premium feature available on Aptoide app where you’ll get many benefits from Aptoide.


Download Aptoide Apk


Following are some great features on this App store:

Download Aptoide Apk

  •    →   The very first feature of this app is that it is only 5 Mb and the apps available on this app stores are available for low size MB’s.
  •    →   A second most important feature of this app is that the apps available on this play store are free of cost.
  •    →   The third feature is a very interesting feature that App is now available for all types of platforms like Android, IOS and even, for now, windows also.
  •    →   It keeps you up to date with the updating of your apps.
  •    →   There are categories available on Aptoide for every app so it’s easy to search for an app.
  •    →   There is also a comment and critics section available on Aptoide.
  •    →   It has a collection of over 300K applications and games. SO, you can choose a variety of apps from this app store.
  •    →   This app is available for every device like laptop, smartphones, tablets and many more.


So, these were some amazing features from Aptoide app store. I hope that after reading this post you’ll surely go for this app. This app is becoming very popular day by day and is the world’s second largest app store after Google play store. So, you can imagine how popular this app store is. So, guys go fast and start downloading your new App store for your devices.

Download Aptoide Apk

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